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About Us

Passing through the Tiruchengode  area are in 1997's one might have come across a young man in his teens selling spectacles in the pavement . With a few coins in his pocket and many dream in his eyes. Jaiganesh  opened one first optical out lets in Tiruchengode. This was the foundation of Rainbow Optics which started premium quality optical retailing in 2011.

At Rainbow Optics our customers is the most important part of the day. We are committed to serving society and our community by providing excellent vision care and leading through quality, innovation, style and service. We aim to offer our customer a broad spectrum of solutions and alternative under one roof. Our optometrist and dispensing staff always aim to deliver the best optical experience possible, with focus on delivering an individual service to suit you and your vision requirements

Taking  good care of your eyes means a regular vision check. Our qualified optometric have years of experience as well as access to latest technology to perform accurate visual examination.

Eye Examination
An eye examination is not simply about reading eye chars and peering into technical equipments; it is also a vital eye health check Each eye examination is tailor for your needs an will include the following We start by asking few questions about your vision, family history, work, life style, medications, and any existing problem with your sight

We then measure your level of vision and access weather you require optimal correction or need any adjust an existing prescription for both distance and near tasks. We also access the coordination of your eyes (how well they work together) and look at both the internal and external health of your eyes.